MWT Realty Group

As a real estate company, MWT Realty Group has one focus: buying and selling homes.

Our strategy for every post is to highlight the listings available through images or video, share knowledge about what their team is doing, or to just give a fun and insightful look at what we would like to see from a real estate group. With their network focus on Facebook, we have watched their page grow organically and successfully through our social media services.

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Pilates Place

Pilates Place is a local fitness studio that focuses on mat classes, barre classes, TRX training, and of course, pilates classes.

Our focus and strategy for this client is to always keep things fun, fresh, and focused on fitness. Our posts range from quotes from Joseph Pilates, funny fitness or food posts, motivational photos, health and fitness tips, or pilates images. We feature contrasts of colors, patterns, sayings, and images that truly bring fun and life to their social media accounts.

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Moffitt Services

Moffitt Services is a Fuel Service Delivery Company in Texas and is one of our largest, most successful social clients.

From posts on fuel delivery, emergency fuel programs, and even weekly giveaway posts for their followers, Our strategy for their social media is varied, but has one central focus: the amazing service they provide their clients. From customer reviews to blog posts about their fuel services, their social media always keeps its followers up to date on all things Moffitt Services.

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